Citroen has recently unveiled details of their 2023 model year for the widely acclaimed Dispatch van, focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction by reducing lead times through a more streamlined product range. A significant change in this new lineup is the transition from the existing “Pro” trim level to the newly introduced “Edition” designation. 

This article delves into what this shift means, specifically examining the differences between the Enterprise and Driver editions, and highlighting the new features that will be available in the 2023 models. These updates reflect the manufacturer’s commitment to evolving and improving their vehicles, ensuring the Citroen Dispatch van for sale continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its users.

Pro to Edition

Transition from Old to New Dispatch Van Trim Levels


For the 2022 model year, the base trim level of the Citroen Dispatch panel van was the X Pro, a well-rounded and affordable option offering solid standard features in terms of safety and security, such as remote central locking and a full steel bulkhead. It also provided essential comforts and entertainment features. However, it was with the Enterprise Pro trim where the new vehicle really elevated its offerings. This trim level included the Moduwork® load-through system, which combines a bulkhead flap and folding passenger seat for extended storage space, along with a colour touchscreen equipped with both Apple and Android connectivity.

Moving to the top tier, the Driver Pro trim level added even more advanced features, particularly in terms of safety. It expanded on the Enterprise Pro’s offerings with additions like lane departure warning and intelligent speed adaptation, making it a top choice for those seeking a van that blends functionality with high-tech safety features. These various trim levels highlight the versatility and appeal of the Citroen Dispatch for sale, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

The 2023 range of the Citroen Dispatch van simplifies the choice for customers, streamlining it down to two ‘Edition’ variants. The Enterprise Edition steps in as the successor to the Enterprise Pro, while the Driver Edition takes the place of the Driver Pro. These new trim levels continue to offer the excellent feature sets that their predecessors were known for. A notable change in the new lineup is that the innovative Moduwork® system is now exclusively available with the Driver Edition.

Additionally, the Driver Edition of the new Citroen Dispatch stands out with its look pack, which includes body-colour bumpers, rubbing strips, and handles, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. It also features the Citroen Connect Nav, complete with a 3-year free subscription to real-time traffic updates, cementing its status as the premier option in the range. This approach in the new lineup ensures that both practicality and style are well-addressed, catering to a broad range of customer preferences and needs.

2023 Citroen Dispatch for Sale: Enterprise vs Driver Editions 


Although the new Citroen Dispatch range for 2023 has streamlined its trim level choice, the available versions still provide a wide array of options in powertrain and load space, ensuring that there’s a van suited for every possible application. Additionally, with increasing emphasis on emissions control, the fully electric e-Dispatch emerges as an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious motoring. It’s not just about being green; the 75 kWh version is highly practical, offering up to 267 miles of range on a single charge, depending on conditions*.

In terms of configurations, the Enterprise Edition panel van is available in medium and XL lengths. It offers 10 versions with a selection of economical diesel engines, available in both manual and automatic transmissions, and includes four e-Dispatch variants with either 50 or 75 kWh electric motors. The Driver Edition mirrors this with a similar range of diesel options but exclusively offers the 75 kWh electric version.

Crew vanversions are also available in the new Citroen Dispatch lineup, with M & XL lengths featuring manual and automatic diesel options, and the 75 kWh electric unit in the Enterprise Edition. The Driver Edition in the Crew van form is available in M length with an automatic diesel option.

Enterprise Edition and Driver Edition Colours & Extras


The French manufacturer now offers the Dispatch van in a choice of eight essential colours, with white as the standard option. For those looking for more personalised options, metallic Cumulus Grey, Platinum Grey, and Perla Nera Black are available as extra-cost options on both editions. The Driver Edition further distinguishes itself with exclusive special paint colours like Passion Red and Imperial Blue.

When it comes to wheels, the selection includes 16- and 17-inch steel wheels, with the sporty “Curve” alloy available exclusively for the Driver Edition. In addition, van buyers can customise their new Citroen Dispatch van with a wide array of optional equipment – depending on the version – encompassing technology and entertainment, comfort and convenience, seating, safety, security, doors, load carrying, exterior styling, and towing.

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* Refers to 75 kWh battery, City Cycle. The range and electric consumption figures mentioned comply with the WLTP test procedure, on the basis of which new vehicles are type approved from 1 September 2018. They may vary depending on actual conditions of use and on different factors such as : speed, thermal comfort on board the vehicle, driving style and outside temperature. The charging time depends in particular on the power of the charger on board the vehicle, the charging cable and the type and power of the charging station used. Please contact us for further information.