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    Introduced to the UK market in 2006, the Citroen Relay has established itself as one of the most affordable and reliable options in the realm of large vans, perfectly aligning with the search for the cheapest brand new van in the UK. Its adaptability has made it a popular choice for those looking for new vans for sale, particularly for business purposes.

    In 2014, the Citroen Relay received a significant update to better cater to the evolving needs of modern business drivers, enhancing its appeal among Citroen vans in the UK. This commitment to improvement was further demonstrated in 2016 with the introduction of a new range of Euro 6 compliant diesel engines. These updates have kept the Citroen Relay at the forefront of new van deals, ensuring it remains a competitive option for those looking to buy a new van, especially for those in search of the cheapest new van or new small vans for sale.


    Citroen Relay Interior Dimensions L1H1 L2H1 L2H2 L3H2 L3H3 L4H2 L4H3
    Load length (mm) 2,670 3,120 3,120 3,705 3,705 4,070 4,070
    Maximum load height (mm) 1,662 1,662 1,932 1,932 2,172 1,932 2,172
    Maximum load width (mm) 1,870 1,870 1,870 1,870 1,870 1,870 1,870
    Width between the wheelarches (mm) 1,422 1,422 1,422 1,422 1,422 1,422 1,422
    Load volume (m³) 8.0 10.0 11.5 13.0 15.0 15.0 17.0
    Citroen Relay Exterior Dimensions
    Exterior length (mm) 4,963 5,413 5,413 5,998 5,998 6,363 6,363
    Exterior height (mm) 2,254 2,254 2,522 2,522 2,760 2,522 2,760
    Wheelbase (mm) 3,000 3,450 3,450 4,035 4,035 4,035 4,035

    The Citroen Relay, a key player in Citroen van deals in the UK, stands out for its class-leading interior dimensions. Its generous space allows an 8×4 sheet to be laid flat even in the smallest configuration, making it a top contender for those seeking the cheapest new van in the UK. With 1.42m between wheel arches and 1.87m between partitions, it’s ideal for a variety of professional needs. A notable feature of the Relay, especially for those looking for new vans for sale, is its nearside sliding door. This standard feature opens to at least 1,075mm in width and 1,485mm in height, comfortably accommodating a Euro pallet, a significant advantage for those in the market to buy a new van.

    Citroen offers a comprehensive range of Relay vans, boasting four lengths and three heights, catering to diverse requirements and ensuring it remains a top choice for those seeking new small vans for sale. The simple, cube-like rear design ensures maximum load volume, even in the smallest variants. The Relay’s lengths vary from 4.96m (L1) to an impressive 6.36m (L4), offering load lengths from 2.67m in the L1 to 4m in the L4. This versatility positions the Relay as a prime choice for new van deals, especially for professionals requiring substantial space. In height, the Relay starts at 2.25m (H1) and can extend up to 2.76m (H3), with load heights ranging from 1.66m to a class-leading 2.16m, surpassing the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. This makes it a go-to option for those looking for the cheapest brand new van UK-wide that doesn’t compromise on space.

    Cargo capacity is another of the Relay’s strengths. It starts at 8m³ in the L1 H1 model and extends up to 17m³ in the L4 H3 variant, with a payload capacity ranging from 1,115kg to nearly two tonnes at 1,900kg, highlighting its utility for those considering new vans for sale. Loading is made easier with a 530mm entry height, which can be further reduced by up to 70mm with an adjustable pneumatic rear suspension, adding to the Relay’s appeal as one of the best Citroen vans UK has to offer for practical, heavy-duty use.


    Climbing into the cabin of the Citroen Relay, a prominent model in Citroen van deals across the UK, reveals a spacious and practical interior, easily accessible with the aid of a handy side step. This van, an excellent choice for those looking for the cheapest brand new van in the UK, offers an array of 13 storage spaces, including an overhead compartment, two lidded gloveboxes, cup holders, and a dedicated phone slot. The ergonomic design places the gear lever comfortably on the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel, ensuring ease of use without the need to stretch. This feature enhances the Relay’s appeal for those considering new vans for sale, particularly for long-haul drives. Adjustability in the driver’s seat, with height and lumbar support, makes finding a comfortable driving position effortless, a key consideration for those looking to buy a new van.

    The Relay, a standout in Citroen vans UK, transforms into a mobile office with the fold-down centre seat revealing a table. This space is ample for a laptop or tablet, allowing the driver to manage their schedule or respond to emails on the go, an attractive feature for professionals. Additionally, an integrated clipboard on the dashboard is perfect for securing essential documents like purchase orders and invoices, further cementing the Relay’s status in new van deals as a functional and versatile vehicle.


    The Relay van only comes in two different trim levels – Standard and Enterprise.


    Understanding the modern business needs for connectivity, Citroen includes the Connecting Box as a standard feature in the Relay, aligning with the expectations of those seeking new vans for sale in the UK. This system offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing drivers to wirelessly connect phones to the van, facilitating safe handling of calls, a key consideration in Citroen van deals.

    For those looking to buy a new van, the inclusion of a USB port in the Relay adds to its connectivity capabilities, although it requires a connecting wire for use. This feature underscores the Relay’s appeal in the market for the cheapest new van in the UK.

    The Relay sets itself apart in the new van deal market with the Teletrac Navman satellite navigation system, a luxury few rivals offer as standard. This system includes three years of live traffic updates, routes, and access to the Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking system, enhancing the Relay’s value proposition for those exploring Citroen vans UK options.

    Safety is paramount in every Relay model, featuring Stability Control, Hill Start Assist, ABS, and Emergency Braking. The inclusion of a full steel bulkhead, extending the full height of the van even in H3 variants, offers ample fixing points in the load area. Larger Relay models are further equipped with lane departure warning, a crucial safety feature that detects deviations from the driving line, potentially caused by driver fatigue or distractions, solidifying the Relay’s status as a top choice among Citroen vans in the UK.


    The premium model in the Citroen Relay range, a standout in Citroen van deals, is equipped with a 5″ touchscreen integrated into the dashboard. This advanced feature not only displays directions from the Teletrac Navman sat nav system but also controls the DAB Radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Such technology-rich inclusions make it a top choice for those exploring new vans for sale in the UK. In the cabin, comfort is paramount, especially during summer, with air conditioning allowing for a perfectly tailored temperature. This feature enhances the Relay’s appeal in the new van deal market, especially for those looking to buy a new van that combines comfort with functionality.

    For long motorway journeys, the cruise control system is a boon, helping to reduce driver fatigue by maintaining a constant speed, allowing the driver to focus solely on steering. This is a key consideration for business owners and employees frequently on the road, who prioritise comfort and safety in their Citroen vans UK selection. Additionally, rear parking sensors are a critical addition to this large van, assisting in judging distances to other objects while reversing. This safety feature is particularly valuable in the Citroen Relay, aligning with the needs of those searching for the cheapest brand new van in the UK, where ease of manoeuvrability is as important as the price point. These sensors engage automatically in reverse, alerting the driver to any obstacles, further cementing the Relay’s position as a practical and safe option among new vans for sale.


    In 2016, the Citroen Relay underwent a significant upgrade in its engine range, transitioning from the previous 2.2-litre powertrain to a more efficient line of 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel engines, compliant with Euro 6 standards. This update is particularly appealing for those looking to buy a new van that offers both performance and environmental consideration. The Relay’s engine lineup includes three power outputs: 110PS, 130PS, and 160PS, each powering the front wheels and coupled with a 6-speed manual gearbox. This range of options ensures that there’s a Relay suitable for various needs and preferences, making it an attractive option for those in the market for a new van.

    The 130PS version stands out as it is the only one equipped with Start/Stop technology, further enhancing its appeal for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Choosing the right power output depends largely on the typical load requirements. For those regularly carrying loads near the van’s payload capacity, the 160PS version is recommended for its robust power. Conversely, for lighter loads, the 110PS and 130PS options are more than sufficient, offering a balance of efficiency and performance. This flexibility in engine choices underscores the Relay’s suitability for a wide range of professional needs, making it an excellent choice for buyers looking for the best new van to suit their specific requirements.


    If a panel van isn’t right for your business, the Citroen Relay is also available as a Chassis Cab and Chassis Crew Cab designed to be adaptable to a range of specialist conversions. There are also three standard conversions available as part of the Ready To Run range including a Dropside, Tipper and Luton van.


    The Relay Dropside conversion, a notable offering in Citroen van deals, provides a versatile and open load bed ideal for a variety of transportation needs. This makes it a suitable choice for outdoor trades such as landscaping and light construction, where a mix of loads like machinery, solid boxes, or loose materials are common. The design features side and tailboards, each 400mm high, hinged along their lower edges to pivot down below deck level, facilitating easy loading. The load bed itself is crafted from a single sheet of heavy-duty birch plywood, complete with a non-slip coating for added safety and durability. This practical design is further complemented by a front bulkhead that extends to the full height of the cab, and the inclusion of load retaining rings on the aluminium perimeter rail, adding to its functionality.

    For those exploring Citroen van deals, there are three Relay Dropside models to choose from, based on the L2 and L3 versions of the Relay panel van, with both single and double cab options available. The single cab variants offer load bed lengths of 3,059mm (L2) or 3,644mm (L3). In contrast, the L3 double cab option reduces the bed length to 2,805mm but accommodates three additional passengers. Payload capacities for these models range from 1,253kg to 1,441kg, providing ample carrying capability for various professional requirements. This range of options underscores the Relay Dropside’s versatility and practicality, making it an appealing choice for those in search of a reliable and adaptable vehicle from the range of Citroen vans.


    The Citroen Relay Tipper conversion, an essential component of the new Citroen Relay range, offers a similar load bed to the Dropside but with the significant advantage of a rear tipping mechanism. This feature makes it an indispensable tool in sectors like light construction and horticulture, where bulk load discharging is frequently required. Operated by a cab-mounted cable remote control, the Citroen Relay Tipper’s tipping mechanism adds efficiency and ease to the unloading process. The load bed is equipped with a full-width steel tailboard at the rear, featuring dual sets of locks (top and bottom) that allow it to swing open, facilitating the effortless unloading of materials.

    In terms of options, the Citroen Relay Tipper conversion is available in two versions: the L2 single cab and the L3 crew cab. The single cab model features a 2,870mm long load bed and supports a payload of up to 1,222kg, making it a practical choice for those considering a new Citroen Relay. The crew cab version, while offering a smaller load bed due to the L3 configuration, still provides ample space at 2,670mm in length and a payload capacity of 1,033kg. Every Relay Tipper is outfitted with a full-height bulkhead, serving three key functions. It includes three load lashing rails with high-capacity securing eyes for transporting equipment or solid loads. An embossed steel panel protects the cab from shifting loads, ensuring safety. Additionally, it offers rear visibility for the driver, an important safety feature for those in the market for a new Citroen Relay. These features collectively make the Relay Tipper a practical, safe, and efficient choice for a wide range of professional needs.


    The Relay Luton van conversion represents a significant upgrade in storage capabilities compared to the standard panel van, making it a prime choice in new van deals. Utilising space above the cab, the Luton conversion offers an enclosed load area, unlike the open designs of the Dropside and Tipper conversions. This conversion features a rectangular birch plywood load floor, known for its durability and lightweight properties. The absence of intruding wheel arches allows for higher volume capacities, making it ideal for palletised loads or transporting bulky freight. Luton vans are particularly favoured by removal companies and delivery services that handle large and heavy items, such as household appliances.

    Access to the load area is provided through a lightweight alloy roller shutter door, equipped with a locking handle for security, instead of traditional doors. Internally, the van is fitted with load locking strips and tie rails, the latter positioned higher up the body sides to offer a range of flexible loading options. Customers considering a new van deal have two Relay Luton van conversion models to choose from: the L3 and L4. The L3 model offers a load area measuring 3,480mm in length and 2,235mm in height, yielding a total volume of 16m³ and a payload capacity of 1,147kg. For those needing even more space, the L4 model boasts a payload capacity of 979kg and accommodates items up to 4,150mm in length and 2,390mm in height, with an impressive load volume of 20m³. These specifications make the Relay Luton van conversion a highly attractive option for those seeking the best new van deal, particularly for transporting large volumes or heavy loads.


    The Citroen Relay, a key model among new Citroen vans for sale, has been meticulously developed to enhance its durability, reliability, and running costs. Its design incorporates robust and reinforced parts, ensuring it stands up to the demands of various businesses. Prior to its market release, the Relay underwent an extensive testing program, covering over 4 million kilometres of test driving and enduring 500,000 door slams, simulating a decade of usage. In line with Euro 6 legislation, Citroen has updated and refined the Relay’s engine range, focusing on more efficient driving. A notable design feature is the front bumper, crafted in three separate sections to minimise repair costs in case of minor damage. This thoughtful engineering underscores Citroen’s commitment to creating vans that are not only robust but also cost-effective in maintenance.

    The Relay’s vast array of lengths, heights, and conversions, available as standard, showcases its remarkable versatility and adaptability. This variety ensures that there is a Relay model perfectly suited to meet the specific needs of any business, a significant factor for those considering buying from Citroen Van Sales. Purchasers of new Citroen vans can benefit from Citroen Van Sales’ offering, which includes a three-year / 100,000-mile warranty. Moreover, customers can enjoy discounted prices, with reductions up to 42% off the list price, making the Citroen Relay an attractive option for businesses looking for quality and value. Discover the extensive Relay range available and find the ideal model to suit your business requirements.