As part of London’s ongoing efforts to combat air pollution, the city has established ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ). This initiative places stricter regulations on vehicles in specific areas, aiming to significantly reduce harmful smog. Driving a non-compliant vehicle through these zones results in charges, a measure to encourage adherence to these environmental standards. 

 The ULEZ policy has led car manufacturers to innovate, particularly in the commercial vehicle sector. An excellent example of such innovation is the Citroen Berlingo Puretech, a vehicle designed to meet these stringent requirements. If you’re in the market, consider this new Citroen Berlingo van for sale – a model that not only is ULEZ compliant but also offers efficiency and reliability.

Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) Directives

In London, areas within the North and South Circular roads are designated as Ultra Low Emission Zones. Transport for London’s directive under this policy is to restrict access for vehicles that don’t meet ULEZ standards from these areas. The policy operates every day, except for Christmas Day (December 25th), and is in effect 24 hours a day.

The directives particularly impact motorcycles, specialist vehicles, and vans up to 3.5 tonnes, as well as minibuses up to 5 tonnes. If these non ULEZ compliant vehicles need to pass through these areas, a daily fee of £12.50 is charged. It’s crucial for drivers to check their vehicle’s compliance and ensure they are on the cleaner emissions list. Notably, the Southern Circular (A205) and Northern Circular (A406) roads fall outside the zone.

However, there are exemptions. Lorries, special heavy vehicles, and low emission vans over 3.5 tonnes, along with coaches, minibuses, and buses over 5 tonnes, are not subject to fees. They will, however, be liable for Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charges if they don’t meet the required standards.

ULEZ Expansion 2023

Transport for London expanded the Ultra Low Emission Zone directives to cover all London boroughs on 29th August 2023. This ambitious move aims to transform London into a ULEZ city, adhering to Euro Emissions Standards, by controlling air pollution and enhancing public health. The only time vehicles are exempt from the policy is when they are parked.

Motor vehicles are the primary source of nitrogen dioxide in London, as per the London Atmospheric Emission Inventory. While pollution is often a byproduct of growth, it has adversely affected public health, with rising cases of cancer, lung diseases, and asthma due to poor air quality. The government’s response includes policies promoting low emission petrol engine vehicles while transitioning away from fuel-powered vehicles.

Considerations for Buying a New Van

Vans are a popular mode of transportation for small businesses in London, offering an efficient means of short-distance transfer for consumer goods across the city. As such, vans are significantly impacted by the ULEZ 2023 expansion and subsequent charges. In response to the Euro Emissions Standards, manufacturers have innovated and started producing ULEZ compliant vans.

For those in the market, considering buying a new van, it’s important to factor in the ULEZ regulations. Choosing a van that complies with these standards not only helps avoid additional charges but also contributes to a cleaner environment. This makes the search for new vans for sale in London especially critical, as compliance with these environmental directives is key.

Citroen Berlingo Puretech: The Best ULEZ Compliant Van

The Citroen Berlingo represents the blend of affordability and reliability that the manufacturer is known for. With various versions tailored to different customer needs, the new Berlingo van stands out for its practicality, usability, driving comfort, and most notably, its ultra-low emission capabilities, making it a perfect fit for the ULEZ zone in London.

The New Citroen Berlingo Puretech van is ULEZ compliant. It features a manual transmission with a 110ps engine size and runs on a petrol engine. This is particularly noteworthy since most Citroen vans are diesel-powered, making this petrol engine version a unique and cleaner-emission option within the ULEZ region. 

The Citroen Berlingo PureTech vans offer powertrain options suitable for both long-distance and short runs, making them ideal for household and small-scale deliveries. These vans come with additional benefits like a 1-tonne load capacity, a 1-year breakdown cover, and a 3-year or 100,000 miles warranty.

All new Citroen vans for sale fall within the 3.5 tons range, aligning with the ULEZ weight restrictions. While some models may slightly exceed this limit, they generally remain within the acceptable weight range for low emission petrol engines, thereby benefiting from the LEZ weight allowances in the designated areas. This makes new Citroen Berlingo vans a smart choice for businesses looking to purchase new ULEZ compliant vans for sale.

Citroen Berlingo Petrol Van

Other Citroen Vans

Depending on the cargo load and use of the van, there are several versions of the Citroen in the market.

Most of the options above exceed the ULEZ conditions. However, double-check to keep within the LEZ conditions.

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