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    Since its debut in April 2016, the Citroen Dispatch, now in its third generation, has emerged as a formidable contender in its class, rivalling the popularity of the Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter. This model, sharing its foundation with the Peugeot Expert and Toyota Proace, boasts an updated design, enhanced dimensions, and superior load capabilities, marking a significant evolution from its predecessor, and one of the leading new Citroen vans for sale. 


    Citroen Dispatch Interior Dimensions XS M XL
    Load length (mm) 2,160 2,510 2,860
    Load length with Moduwork option (mm) 3,300 3,600 4,000
    Maximum load height (mm) 1,397 1,397 1,397
    Maximum load width (mm) 1,628 1,628 1,628
    Width between the wheelarches (mm) 1,258 1,258 1,258
    Load volume (m³) 4.6 5.3 6.1
    Load volume with Moduwork option (m³) 5.1 5.8 6.6
    Citroen Dispatch Exterior Dimensions
    Exterior length (mm) 4,609 4,959 5,309
    Exterior height (mm) 1,905 1,905 1,940
    Wheelbase (mm) 2,925 3,275 3,275

    The Dispatch Mk3 is engineered on an innovative modular platform, offering two wheelbase options and three distinct sizes: XS, M, and XL. The XS version, with its 2.92m wheelbase, is notably compact at 4.6m in length. In contrast, the M and XL models utilise a 3.27m wheelbase, extending to lengths of 4.95m and 5.3m respectively.

    Despite offering three length variants, the Dispatch maintains a consistent height of 1.9m for XS and M models, slightly increasing to 1.94m for the XL. This uniformity ensures that even the largest Dispatch variant easily navigates through most multi-storey and underground parking facilities.

    The Dispatch’s cargo capacity varies by size, starting at 4.6m³ for the XS model and increasing to 5.3m³ and 6.1m³ for the M and XL versions, respectively. An additional 0.5m³ is available with the Moduwork feature, a standard in Enterprise and Enterprise Plus models, boosting the minimum load area to 5.1m³, sufficient for transporting three Euro pallets.

    With the Moduwork option, folding the outer passenger seat unveils a load-through bulkhead flap, enabling the transport of lengthy items. The XL Dispatch can accommodate items up to 4m, while the XS and M models can carry lengths of 3.3m and 3.6m respectively. 

    Loading and unloading are streamlined with twin sliding side doors, standard on all models. Optionally, hands-free sliding side doors can be added, activated by a foot gesture under the rear bumper, a convenient feature during adverse weather conditions, without a doubt, it is one to consider when you are looking to buy a new van. 


    The Dispatch, a standout model among new vans for sale, boasts a car-like interior, reminiscent of the Citroen C4 SpaceTourer and Citroen SpaceTourer. This design philosophy extends to the driver’s seat, which offers extensive adjustability in height and legroom, ensuring a comfortable driving position ideal for those looking to buy a new van. The raised ride height and convenient cabin access step further enhance the driving experience, making it a top choice in the new van market. The innovative Moduwork feature transforms the Dispatch into a versatile mobile office, perfect for professionals on the move. The central seat folds back to reveal a pivotable writing table, large enough to accommodate a tablet or laptop. This feature is particularly useful for those considering the purchase of a new van that doubles as a workspace.

    In terms of practicality, the cabin is equipped with USB and 12V sockets and provides an impressive 49-litres of storage space. This includes sizeable door bins, dual glove boxes, and an A4-sized compartment integrated into the dashboard, aligning with the needs of those in the market for new vans for sale. The combination of these features makes the Citroen Dispatch an attractive option for those looking to buy a new van, offering both comfort and utility in a single package.


    The Dispatch van is available in three trim levels – X, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus:


    The mid-range Enterprise version of the Citroen Dispatch, a standout among Citroen vans in the UK, elevates the driving experience with its latest 7″ colour touchscreen infotainment system. This advanced system, reminiscent of the one in the C4 SpaceTourer passenger car, consolidates the van’s primary settings, Bluetooth connectivity, and DAB Radio, representing the excellent Citroen van deals currently available.

    In this version, the standard steel bulkhead is upgraded to a glazed variant, effectively diminishing cabin noise and helping to maintain a comfortable temperature. This feature is particularly beneficial when utilising the air conditioning, a testament to the thoughtful design found in Citroen vans in the UK.

    To streamline every journey, the Enterprise model includes automatic headlights and rain-sensing windscreen wipers, showcasing the practicality and ease of use that Citroen van deals offer. Additionally, the rear parking sensors provide essential assistance while reversing, further highlighting why Citroen vans in the UK are a top choice for drivers seeking both functionality and comfort.


    The Citroen Dispatch X, a prominent model among those looking for new vans for sale, comes impressively equipped with a range of safety features. This entry-level variant includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Hill Assist, ABS, and twin front airbags, providing a secure driving environment. Ideal for buyers aiming to buy a new van, the Dispatch X is thoughtfully designed with three seats in the front and a robust steel bulkhead that divides the load area from the cabin, enhancing both safety and practicality.

    In terms of connectivity, the Citroen Dispatch X allows drivers to pair their phones via Bluetooth. This enables safe, hands-free communication and music streaming, a significant consideration for those in the market for new vans for sale. The built-in DAB Radio offers additional entertainment options. Furthermore, the inclusion of a cruise control system mitigates driver fatigue by maintaining a consistent speed, allowing the driver to focus mainly on steering. These features make the Citroen Dispatch X an appealing choice for those looking to buy a new van that offers both advanced safety and modern conveniences.


    The Citroen Dispatch Enterprise, a mid-range option in the Citroen vans line up, enhances the driving experience with its advanced 7″ colour touchscreen infotainment system. This system, echoing the sophistication found in the C4 SpaceTourer passenger car, centralises the van’s primary settings, alongside offering Bluetooth connectivity and DAB Radio for seamless integration and entertainment.

    This version also sees an upgrade from the standard steel bulkhead to a glazed bulkhead. This improvement significantly reduces noise intrusion into the cabin and helps maintain a comfortable temperature for all passengers, an essential feature for those in the market for Citroen vans in the UK. The addition of air conditioning ensures a pleasant environment regardless of outside conditions.

    To further streamline driving and enhance safety, the Citroen Dispatch Enterprise includes automatic headlights and rain-sensing windscreen wipers, simplifying many routine tasks. Additionally, the rear parking sensors provide valuable assistance during reverse manoeuvres, alerting the driver to nearby objects. These thoughtful inclusions underscore the Citroen Dispatch Enterprise’s standing as a top choice among Citroen vans in the UK, blending convenience and safety in one package.


    The Citroen Dispatch Enterprise Plus, the pinnacle model in the range of Citroen vans for sale in the UK, offers an array of exterior enhancements. These include body-coloured bumpers and LED daytime running lights, elevating its visual appeal significantly and distinguishing it as a premium option for those looking to buy a new van.

    Functionality meets style in the Enterprise Plus, with a rear camera system that displays images on the 7″ touchscreen during reversing manoeuvres. This feature is invaluable for safely navigating tight spaces and ensuring clear visibility of any obstacles behind the van. It’s a key factor for those considering new vans for sale, prioritising both safety and ease of use.

    This model’s safety features are further complemented by front and rear parking sensors, which together with the rear camera, make parking and reversing as seamless and stress-free as possible. This integration of technology is particularly beneficial for drivers frequently on the move between jobs. The upgraded infotainment system in the Citroen Dispatch Enterprise Plus includes Citroen’s advanced 3D Connected navigation system, ensuring that you always find your way, no matter the destination. This suite of features solidifies the Enterprise Plus as a leading choice for those in the market to buy a new van, offering a blend of sophisticated technology and practical design.


    The Citroen Dispatch stands out in the realm of new vans for sale, thanks to its range of new generation Euro 6 BlueHDi diesel engines. These engines are notable for their exceptional fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions, making them a top choice for those looking to buy a new van that is both environmentally friendly and economical.

    The Dispatch offers a choice between two engines, available in five different power outputs. The 1.6-litre engine comes in 95PS and 115PS variants. The 95PS version includes a five-speed manual gearbox with an option for automatic transmission, catering to diverse driving preferences among new van buyers. The 115PS variant is equipped with Start/Stop technology as standard, making it the most fuel-efficient engine in the range, capable of achieving up to 55.4mpg, a significant factor for those considering the long-term cost-effectiveness of new vans for sale.

    For those requiring a more robust performance, particularly for carrying heavier loads or making full use of the Dispatch’s towing capabilities, the larger 2.0-litre engine is ideal. It is available in 120PS, 150PS, and 180PS outputs, with the 180PS option paired with the EAT6 automatic transmission. This engine is particularly suited for heavy-duty tasks, with a payload capacity of up to 1,400kg and a 2.5-tonne towing capacity, meeting the needs of buyers looking for a new van that offers both power and efficiency.


    The Citroen Dispatch stands out as a practical, versatile, and efficient van, suitable for various professional needs. Its third-generation design integrates advanced technological features and thoughtful dimensions, ensuring capability across diverse tasks. Citroen Van Sales offers a three-year / 100,000-mile warranty and discounts up to 42% off the list price. Explore our Dispatch range below.