In 2016, the Citroen Dispatch entered its third generation, marking a significant leap in the medium-sized van segment. This new version, now one of the most sought-after models, comes with several enhancements over its predecessor. In a market crowded with strong contenders like the Ford Transit, Renault Trafic, and Volkswagen Transporter, the Dispatch van stands out. But what makes it a superior choice for those considering a new van deal? Let’s explore the reasons why buying a new Citroen Dispatch for sale could be your best decision.

Range Of Size Options

Versatility in size and functionality is a hallmark of the best medium-sized vans, and the new Citroen Dispatch excels in this aspect. The standout feature of the range is its XS variant. Despite being the most compact option at just 4.60m in length, the XS model doesn’t compromise on capacity, offering a substantial 1400kg payload and a 5.1m³ load area, equal to its larger counterparts, the M and XL versions. 

What’s more, the convenience of the XS and M versions extends to their height. At just 1.90m tall, they comfortably fit into most underground car parks, a notable advantage over many rivals in this segment. This flexibility in size and practical design makes the Citroen Dispatch for sale an ideal choice for a wide range of needs.

Fuel Economy In The New Citroen Dispatch 

When considering a new van deal, the Citroen Dispatch emerges as a leading choice for cost-effective travel. Its range of 1.6- and 2.0-litre diesel engines stand out in the market, boasting an impressive fuel efficiency of up to 55.3mpg. This efficiency is noteworthy when compared to competitors: the Ford Transit Custom peaks at 47.1mpg, and the Volkswagen T6 Transporter at 47.9mpg. This superior fuel economy positions the Citroen Dispatch as one of the most economical medium-sized vans available.

Crew And Chassis Cabs Available For Every Business Need

The new Citroen Dispatch stands out in versatility among medium-sized vans, available in panel, crew, and chassis cab variants to perfectly match your business requirements. The crew cab version offers an additional row of seats, accommodating up to six people, ideal for team transportation. 

Meanwhile, the chassis cab is designed for specialist adaptations, ready to be converted into configurations like Tipper, Dropside, or Luton, essential for various business operations. With these diverse options, the new Citroen Dispatch for sale caters to a broad range of professional needs.

Payload And Towing Capacity

Regardless of whether you opt for the XS, M, or XL load length, the Dispatch van consistently offers a substantial payload capacity of 1400kg, which is an improvement of 500g over its predecessor. This robust capacity allows all configurations of the model to easily accommodate three Euro pallets, which are readily accessible via the twin sliding doors. 

Enhancing its utility, the Citroen Dispatch van is also capable of towing up to 2.5 tonnes with a braked trailer, further cementing its status as a versatile choice for both work and leisure purposes. These features make it an ideal option for those in search of a new van deal that combines capacity, accessibility, and versatility.

Excellent Features And Technology

Every Dispatch van comes standard with a suite of features designed to enhance the driving experience. This includes DAB digital radio, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and an audio jack, making every journey more enjoyable. Stepping up to the mid-range Enterprise model, you get added conveniences like a 7″ colour touchscreen, rear parking sensors, and air conditioning for increased comfort and ease. The top-tier Enterprise Plus version elevates this further with Citroen’s Look and Visibility Packs, along with the Park Assist 180° feature, simplifying parallel parking significantly. 

Moreover, the Citroen Dispatch van is equipped with practical elements such as a load through bulkhead, providing an additional 1.16m in load length. This is ideal for transporting longer items like scaffolding poles or wooden panels.

Automatic Engines Available

With the 2016 release of the Citroen Dispatch van, a commitment was made to include automatic engine options, catering to a diverse range of driving preferences. Now, the vehicle boasts two automatic variants: a 1.6 94bhp six-speed ETG and a more powerful 2.0 178bhp six-speed ETG engine. 

In the medium-sized van market where automatic engines are a rarity, the new Citroen Dispatch sets itself apart. Available across the XS, M, and XL versions, and in both Enterprise and Enterprise Plus specifications, it offers flexibility and convenience in automatic transmission. 

If the Dispatch van seems like the ideal addition to your business fleet, explore our online stock or get in touch today to discover more about our new van deals.