What are the trim levels for the Citroen Berlingo van?

The Citroen Berlingo has been a game-changer in the UK commercial vehicle market ever since its debut, playing a pivotal role in defining the small van sector. The latest iteration continues this trend, particularly with the innovative Enterprise and Driver trim levels. The third version of the Berlingo, released by the PSA Group in 2018, has received widespread acclaim, culminating in the trio winning the International Van of the Year Award 2019.

The French manufacturer has reimagined the customisation process for those interested in a Citroen Berlingo for sale. Instead of a standard spec sheet with a lengthy list of optional extras, they’ve introduced two specialised versions. The Enterprise version is designed for professionals who frequently navigate varied terrains, while the Driver version caters to those who spend a significant portion of their day driving. This approach ensures that whether you’re looking for a new Berlingo van for rugged work use or for comfortable day-long driving, there’s a model tailored to meet your specific needs.

Both the Enterprise and Driver models of the new Citroen Berlingo van come equipped with standard features specifically tailored to meet the needs of certain professionals. This approach eliminates the extra costs and hassle associated with customising a standard vehicle.

Citroen Berlingo Enterprise Van: Robust Utility

The Enterprise version of the Citroen Berlingo is specifically designed for professionals who frequently work on and around building sites. This particular model stands out as it’s the only one in the range to feature the exclusive Grip Control system with Hill Descent Assist. With a dashboard-mounted dial, drivers can select from five different modes – Standard, Snow, Sand, Mud, and ESP OFF – each tailored to optimise front wheel grip according to the road surface. This adaptability makes the new Berlingo van an excellent choice for a variety of challenging conditions. Additionally, the Enterprise model is equipped with durable 16″ Michelin Latitude Tour Mud & Snow tyres.

The toughness of the new Citroen Berlingo Enterprise van is further enhanced by its underbody protection, including a protective plate under the engine. Coupled with an additional 30mm of raised ground clearance, this vehicle is not only robust but also versatile, capable of conquering diverse terrains with ease. For professionals looking for a reliable, terrain-ready van, the Berlingo Enterprise model offers an unmatched combination of toughness and adaptability.

The Enterprise van boasts an array of unique features, with the Overload Indicator being a standout. This innovative technology, standard only on this model, alerts you when the payload capacity is exceeded – a feature unmatched by any other small van in the market. Citroen has enhanced this vehicle further by increasing its payload capacity to an impressive 1,000kg.

The load area of the Enterprise model is thoughtfully designed for functionality. It includes LED lighting and four mid-height load securing rings, supplementing the standard six tie-down hooks. Inside the cabin, it offers practical amenities like a 220v socket and Citroen’s EXTENSO modular folding passenger bench seat. This setup provides seating for three in the front, and when not in use, the passenger bench can be flipped up, expanding the load space through the bulkhead. Furthermore, the cabin transforms into a mobile office with a pivoting writing table, an invaluable feature for professionals on the go. Those in search of a new Citroen Berlingo van for sale will find the Worker model to be a versatile and practical option, well-suited to a wide range of professional needs.

Citroen Berlingo Driver Van: Enhanced Comfort

The Berlingo Driver model is designed with a focus on comfort for professionals and employees who frequently embark on long journeys or undertake numerous short trips. Central to its design is the Citroen Advanced Comfort system, featuring a well-crafted driver’s seat with adjustable height and lumbar support, ensuring maximum comfort during any journey.

What sets the Driver version apart from most small vans, and a reason it’s a sought-after option among the Citroen Berlingo for sale, is its high driving position and refined suspension. This results in a smoother driving experience, a significant advantage for those spending extensive time on the road. Additionally, the cabin has been acoustically enhanced with extra insulation to keep exterior noise to a minimum, creating a peaceful environment inside the vehicle.

Essential for those behind the wheel for extended periods, the Driver van comes equipped with an 8″ colour touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Citroen Connect Navigation, and DAB Radio, all controllable via a multi-function steering wheel. A unique feature is the Surround Rear Vision system. Exclusive to this model, it uses two cameras to project real-time images onto the touchscreen, aiding in safer reversing and blind spot monitoring.

Completing its impressive array of features, the Driver van includes front and rear parking sensors, automatic windscreen wipers, and an aesthetically pleasing exterior with body-colour rear bumper, door handles, side mirrors, and side rubbing strips. For those in the market, the Driver model represents a blend of comfort, technology, and style, making it a top choice among the Citroen Berlingo for sale.

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