Citroen has been a pioneering force in the UK van market since 1923. Citroen vans marked the establishment of its British operations just after their founding in France in 1919. 

This early expansion into the UK played a significant role in Citroen’s international growth and presence, making it one of the early European car manufacturers to establish a foothold in the British automotive market. Over the years, Citroen has become well-known in the UK for its innovative designs, distinctive models, and commitment to providing vehicles that combine style, technology, and practicality.

Building on this rich heritage, our blog delves into the current Citroen vans lineup available in the UK, showcasing the models that continue to set standards in innovation, efficiency, and versatility. From the compact and agile Berlingo to the robust and capacious Relay, we will explore the unique features, configurations, and technological advancements that make Citroen vans a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike.

Discover the Citroen Vans for Sale in the UK

Citroen has long been a leader in the commercial vehicle sector, known for creating vans that effortlessly marry functionality with superior performance. The Citroen vans UK lineup continues this tradition, making a significant impact across the board.

At the start of the range is the Citroen Berlingo, the brand’s most compact offering, which has been acclaimed for its exceptional urban efficiency ever since it hit the streets, demonstrating Citroen’s flair for innovation. At the larger end, the capacious Relay van provides extensive capabilities suitable for more significant operations. Each model within the Citroen vans UK selection, from the most compact to the most spacious, reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to driver comfort, fuel efficiency, and the integration of state-of-the-art technology. This dedication has matured over time, continuously aligning with or predicting the shifting requirements of businesses.

Today, the Citroen vans UK range presents an array of reliable, cost-effective, and high-performing options catering to every kind of business, from agile startups to established enterprises. Exploring the Citroen vans UK lineup is an opportunity to connect with a legacy that has been driving the commercial vehicle industry forward for generations.

Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo stands out in the Citroen vans UK range, offering versatility with its M and XL lengths to accommodate various professional needs. This model, which clinched the International Van of the Year in 2019, is distinguished by its innovative design and features aimed at enhancing user comfort and efficiency. The Berlingo showcases advanced technology, including an Extenso® cab for increased loading flexibility, emphasising its commitment to both functionality and driver experience. 

 Here are some factual advantages:

  • Efficient Powertrains: including the latest BlueHDi diesel and PureTech petrol engines. These powertrains are celebrated for their balance of power and fuel efficiency, offering lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Moduwork Functionality: which allows the passenger seat to fold down, creating extra length for loading and an increased cargo space.
  • Advanced Safety Features: fitted with an array of advanced safety technologies, including Active Safety Brake, Lane Keeping Assist, and Blind Spot Monitoring, enhancing driver and passenger safety.
  • Connectivity and Infotainment: featuring Citroen Connect Nav on a touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto compatibility.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics:featuring an adjustable driver’s seat, improved sound insulation, and an ergonomic layout.

For a more in-depth look, visit our Berlingo page for more information. 

Citroen Relay

The Citroen Relay, introduced to the UK market in 2006, has established itself as an affordable, reliable, and adaptable large van, with updates in 2014 and 2016 to enhance its appeal to modern business drivers. The Relay boasts class-leading interior dimensions and a range of lengths and heights, offering flexible volume combinations. It features a low load entry height, facilitated further by an optional pneumatic rear suspension adjustment, making it user-friendly for various professional needs. For those seeking a large van that combines versatility with efficiency, the Citroen Relay within the Citroen vans UK range presents a compelling option. 

Here are some factual and specific advantages of purchasing a new Citroen Dispatch:

  • Versatile Configurations: available in three lengths, including a compact version that is rare in this segment, ensuring there’s a size to fit every need, from urban navigation to larger cargo requirements.
  • Efficient Engines: latest generation of Euro 6.2 compliant BlueHDi diesel engines, the Dispatch offers a blend of performance and efficiency.
  • Payload and Towing Capacity: The Dispatch is designed to carry heavy loads, offering a payload of up to 1,400 kg and a towing capacity of up to 2,500 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of professional needs.
  • Moduwork Passenger Bench: This feature allows for increased flexibility, with a foldable side passenger seat that opens up additional space for longer items, and a pivoting writing table that turns the cabin into a mobile office.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): The Dispatch comes with an array of ADAS technologies, such as Active Safety Brake, Lane Departure Warning System, and Adaptive Cruise Control, enhancing safety for both the driver and other road users.
  • Smart Connectivity: Featuring Citroen Connect Nav, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto, the Dispatch ensures that drivers are always connected, with access to navigation, music, and hands-free communication.
  • Professional Comfort: Designed with the professional in mind, offering ergonomic seating, excellent noise insulation, and an array of storage solutions, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment

For more detailed information, visit our Citroen Relay page.

Citroen Dispatch

The Citroen Dispatch, a key player in the Citroen vans UK lineup, launched its third generation in April 2016. This mid-sized van competes closely with leading models like the Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter, thanks to its refreshed design, new dimensions, and improved load capabilities developed in partnership with the Peugeot Expert and Toyota Proace. It offers three lengths (XS, M, XL) and maintains a standard height, ensuring accessibility to various parking facilities. With innovative features like the Moduwork option for extended load lengths and hands-free sliding side doors, the Dispatch is designed for convenience and efficiency. 

 Here are some specific advantages of opting for a new Citroen Relay:

  • Broad Range of Variants: including different wheelbases, lengths, and heights, ensuring there’s a model to suit every requirement, from standard transport tasks to specialised conversions.
  • Powerful and Efficient Engines: Fitted with Euro 6.2 compliant BlueHDi diesel engines, the Relay offers a balance between power and fuel economy, with several power outputs to choose from.
  • Exceptional Load Capacity: accommodating over 1,500 kg for certain models, and providing a generous internal load volume.
  • Advanced Technology Features: Equipped with features like a rearview camera, lane departure warning system, and hill start assist.
  • Comfort-Driven Design: The cabin of the Relay is designed with the driver’s comfort in mind, offering adjustable seating, ample storage spaces, and sound insulation.
  • Connectivity Solutions: Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto, the Relay ensures that drivers stay connected and can easily access maps, music, and hands-free communication on the move.

For more details, visit the Citroen Dispatch page.

Where Citroen Stands in the UK Market

Citroen vans stand out in the commercial vehicle sphere for their blend of utility, performance, and forward-thinking design. Positioned prominently within the Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) sector, Citroen competes robustly, offering a range from the nimble Berlingo to the spacious Relay to suit diverse business requirements. The brand sets itself apart with its focus on cabin comfort and state-of-the-art technology, alongside fuel-efficient engines that appeal to budget-aware enterprises, aligning with the shift towards sustainable and cost-effective transport solutions. Citroen’s dedication to merging practicality with affordability has cemented its reputation and appeal in the commercial vehicle domain.

Conversion Options for Citroen Vans in the UK

In the UK, Citroen offers a range of conversion options for their vans, allowing for customisation to meet specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that every Citroen van can be tailored for a variety of purposes, marrying practicality with innovative solutions. Whether it’s for specialised commercial use or personal customisation, Citroen provides options that enhance the functionality and efficiency of their vehicles, making them adaptable to a wide array of requirements.

Essentially, van conversions are large vans, however, instead of having boxed in load space in the back, they have converted sections. This could take the shape of a tipper, barn doors, or a drop side. Ultimately, any van conversion is in place to make the life of the driver easier. 

Don’t Forget Electric Citroen Vans in the UK

Citroen believes their vans should be accessible to everyone in the UK. For this reason they have created a range of affordable electric and hybrid models. Their fully electric range includes: the e-Berlingo, e-Dispatch, e-Relay & e-SpaceTourer, with the latter comfortably accommodating up to nine passengers.

Diving into the world of Citroen vans in the UK unveils a lineup designed with precision for modern businesses, highlighted by models like the versatile Berlingo and the capacious Relay. Citroen’s commitment to blending practicality with innovation is evident in their array of conversion options, ensuring every van can be tailored to unique professional needs. Explore the full Citroen vans range at Citroen Van Sales and discover the ideal solution for your business requirements, where functionality meets efficiency.