There are mixed opinions about buying a new van vs buying an old van. When considering Citroen van deals, a brand new van is a clean slate and will come with a warranty, but the common assumption is it’ll come with a hefty price tag. Buying a used Citroen van can seem appealing financially, but can come with the burden of many risks. 

With a brand like Citroen, it can be hard to know the quality of the conversion and whether it will last the long haul. Ultimately, the pros of buying a new Citroen van for sale vastly outway the cons. As we work through this blog, we will explore this in more detail, outlining the different Citroen Van deals available in the process. 

Advantages of Buying a New Citroen Van For Sale

Navigating the new van market is daunting, there are no two ways about it. Whether you are a professional looking for a business fleet, or simply looking for a one off for navigating your tasks, the options are endless. The vast quantity of new Citron van deals, despite appearing intimidating, does ensure they cater to all preferences, and most many advantages. 

  • Latest Technology and Innovations: New Citroen vans feature the newest advancements in automotive technology, offering better performance, higher fuel efficiency, and advanced safety features.
  • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty: Purchasing a new Citroen van provides the security of a full manufacturer’s warranty, covering you against most repairs and defects for a specified period.
  • Customisation Options: Buying new allows you to customise your Citroen van to meet your specific needs, whether it’s interior configurations, exterior colours, or additional features.
  • Unrivalled Condition: A new Citroen van has no previous wear and tear, meaning you get a vehicle in pristine condition, providing a sense of pride and reliability.
  • Attractive Financing Deals: Dealers often offer attractive financing options for new vehicles, including lower interest rates and special promotions, making a new Citroen van more accessible.
  • Latest Safety Standards: New vans comply with the latest safety regulations, ensuring you have the most up-to-date protection for your passengers and cargo.
  • Higher Resale Value: New Citroen vans tend to retain their value better than used ones, ensuring you get a better return on your investment when it’s time to sell.

By considering these advantages, potential buyers can make an informed decision when exploring Citroen van deals, ensuring they find the best new Citroen van for sale to suit their needs.  

Disadvantages of Buying a New Citroen Van for Sale

Just as there are multiple advantages of buying a new Citroen van for sale, we cannot ignore the disadvantages. These however, come in short supply and do promote the purchase of a new or nearly new van:

  • Higher Initial Cost: New vans come with a premium price tag compared to used options.
  • Depreciation: New vans depreciate quickly, losing a significant portion of their value in the first few years.
  • Insurance Costs: Higher insurance premiums often accompany new vehicles due to their greater value.
  • Potential for Unknown Issues: Despite being new, some vans might have manufacturing defects or recalls.
  • Longer Commitment: Financing a new van often involves longer payment terms, locking buyers in for more extended periods.

Pros of Buying a Used Citroen Van 

Considering a used Citroen van can be a savvy move for those looking for value without compromising on quality. Opting for a pre-owned model opens up a world of opportunities, often allowing buyers to access higher-spec models or extra features within their budget. Here are the key pros of going the used route with a Citroen van:

  • Cost Savings: The most immediate benefit of buying a used Citroen van is the lower upfront cost compared to a new model, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Slower Depreciation: Used vehicles typically depreciate at a slower rate than new ones, meaning your Citroen van retains more of its value over time.
  • Access to Higher Specifications: Your budget might stretch further with a used van, possibly affording you a model with higher specs or more features than if you were buying new.
  • Lower Insurance Costs: Often, insuring a used van can be less expensive than a brand-new one, potentially leading to significant savings on annual premiums.
  • Extensive Choice: The used market offers a broader range of models and years, giving you a wider selection to find the perfect van that meets your specific needs.

Disadvantages of Buying a Used Citroen Van

While hunting for Citroen van deals in the used market can seem like an economical choice, it’s important to consider the potential downsides as well. Buying a used Citroen van might mean dealing with wear and tear from previous use, which could lead to more frequent maintenance and repairs. Without the comprehensive warranties that come with new vans, you might face unexpected costs if issues arise. Additionally, older models may not feature the latest technology or safety enhancements, potentially leaving you with a van that feels outdated compared to newer versions. 

The history of a used van can sometimes be unclear, raising concerns about its past use, accidents, or maintenance record. Lastly, financing a used van can sometimes come with higher interest rates than a new purchase, diminishing some of the initial cost savings. Balancing these considerations is key when exploring Citroen van deals for a used purchase.

What Citroen Van Models & Deals Are There?

Citroen Berlingo Van

When delving into the specifics of Citroen van deals, particularly for those interested in a new Citroen Berlingo, it’s essential to highlight the tangible benefits this model brings to the table. The new Citroen Berlingo is not just a vehicle; it’s a versatile partner designed with precision to cater to a broad spectrum of professional and personal needs. Here are some factual advantages:

  • Efficient Powertrains: The new Berlingo comes equipped with a range of engine options, including the latest BlueHDi diesel and PureTech petrol engines. These powertrains are celebrated for their balance of power and fuel efficiency, offering lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.
  • Moduwork Functionality: One of the standout features is the Moduwork system, which allows the passenger seat to fold down, creating extra length for loading and an increased cargo space, making it exceptionally versatile for carrying long or bulky items.
  • Advanced Safety Features: The new Berlingo is fitted with an array of advanced safety technologies, including Active Safety Brake, Lane Keeping Assist, and Blind Spot Monitoring, enhancing driver and passenger safety.
  • Connectivity and Infotainment: It boasts the latest in-car connectivity, featuring CitroenConnect Nav on a touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto compatibility, ensuring you stay connected and entertained on the go.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The Berlingo’s cabin is designed with comfort in mind, featuring an adjustable driver’s seat, improved sound insulation, and an ergonomic layout that makes long journeys more comfortable and less tiring.

Citroen Dispatch Van

Exploring Citroen van deals reveals the Citroen Dispatch as a standout choice for those in need of a new, reliable, and efficient medium-sized van. The Citroen Dispatch is engineered to cater to the demands of professionals who require a van that combines practicality with performance, without compromising on driver comfort. Here are some factual and specific advantages of purchasing a new Citroen Dispatch:

  • Versatile Configurations: The new Dispatch is available in three lengths, including a compact version that is rare in this segment, ensuring there’s a size to fit every need, from urban navigation to larger cargo requirements.
  • Efficient Engines: Equipped with the latest generation of Euro 6.2 compliant BlueHDi diesel engines, the Dispatch offers a blend of performance and efficiency, with options designed to keep running costs low and reduce environmental impact.
  • Payload and Towing Capacity: The Dispatch is designed to carry heavy loads, offering a payload of up to 1,400 kg and a towing capacity of up to 2,500 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of professional needs.
  • Moduwork Passenger Bench: This feature allows for increased flexibility, with a foldable side passenger seat that opens up additional space for longer items, and a pivoting writing table that turns the cabin into a mobile office.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): The Dispatch comes with an array of ADAS technologies, such as Active Safety Brake, Lane Departure Warning System, and Adaptive Cruise Control, enhancing safety for both the driver and other road users.
  • Smart Connectivity: Featuring Citroen Connect Nav, Apple CarPlay™, and Android Auto, the Dispatch ensures that drivers are always connected, with access to navigation, music, and hands-free communication.
  • Professional Comfort: The cabin is designed with the professional in mind, offering ergonomic seating, excellent noise insulation, and an array of storage solutions, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment

Citroen Relay Van

When examining Citroen van deals, the Citroen Relay emerges as a prime choice for those seeking a new, large van that blends robustness with functionality. Designed to meet a variety of professional needs, the Citroen Relay stands out for its impressive capacity, durability, and comfort, making it a reliable companion for businesses and tradespeople. Here are some specific advantages of opting for a new Citroen Relay:

  • Broad Range of Variants: The new Relay is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including different wheelbases, lengths, and heights, ensuring there’s a model to suit every requirement, from standard transport tasks to specialised conversions.
  • Powerful and Efficient Engines: Fitted with Euro 6.2 compliant BlueHDi diesel engines, the Relay offers a balance between power and fuel economy, with several power outputs to choose from, catering to different hauling needs while minimising running costs.
  • Exceptional Load Capacity: The Relay is known for its impressive payload capabilities, accommodating over 1,500 kg for certain models, and providing a generous internal load volume, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Advanced Technology Features: Equipped with features like a rearview camera, lane departure warning system, and hill start assist, the Relay enhances safety and ease of driving, particularly in challenging conditions or when fully loaded.
  • Comfort-Driven Design: The cabin of the Relay is designed with the driver’s comfort in mind, offering adjustable seating, ample storage spaces, and sound insulation, creating a more pleasant and less tiring driving experience, even on long journeys.
  • Connectivity Solutions: With integrated navigation and compatibility with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto, the Relay ensures that drivers stay connected and can easily access maps, music, and hands-free communication on the move.

Best Time of Year To Look For New Citroen Van Deals 

Finding the best time of year to look for new Citroen van deals can significantly impact the value you get from your purchase. Traditionally, the end of the financial year (often in December) and the end of the automotive model year (usually in late summer or early autumn) are prime times for incentives on new vehicles to appear. During these periods, the aim is to clear out existing inventory to make room for new models, leading to potential discounts and favourable financing options on new Citroen vans.

Additionally, the beginning of the year can also present opportunities as companies may still be looking to meet sales quotas and are willing to negotiate on price. It’s also worth considering periods just after new registrations are released, typically in March and September in many regions.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and special events, such as Black Friday sales or end-of-year holiday promotions.

Going for a brand new Citroen van has many perks. There is something special about being the first person to turn the key in a new vehicle. Buying new means you’re getting a van that’s at the top of its game – packed with the latest features, the best safety tech, and all the modern comforts you could want.

Choosing a new Citroen van deal isn’t just about the here and now; it’s about looking ahead. These vans are built to last, and with a full warranty backing you up, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Whether it’s for work or play, a new van is a reliable companion that’s ready for whatever you throw at it. Plus, with some pretty attractive finance options often on the table, getting into a new Citroen van might be easier than you think.

Ready to make your move and drive away with a fantastic Citroen van deal? Get in touch with Citroen Van Sales today and let’s find the perfect new Citroen van that matches your every need.