Top Ten Items We Should Always Keep in our Car

You never know when you might suffer a breakdown or run into other unexpected problems when you’re driving somewhere. Make sure you always have these items in your car, and you’ll be prepared for any eventuality.

1: Torch

Not only useful in case of night-time breakdowns, but a torch can also be used for signalling passing cars if you need help. Make sure you have working batteries, or get the wind-up kind to make sure you don’t get caught out.

2: Duct Tape

Surprisingly useful for quick fixes, a roll of duct tape is really versatile, lightweight and takes up very little space. A simple item, but one that can solve many problems.

3: First Aid Kit

Always useful to have in case of small injuries. Keep it fully stocked and check expiry dates where relevant.

4: In-Car Mobile Phone Charger

Keep your phone running as long as possible when you’re away from a charging point. Remember, phones are not just for making calls these days, but have many functions that could be useful in an emergency.

5: Bottled Water

Dehydration can set in quickly when you’re stuck somewhere, so ensure you have an emergency supply of water in the boot. Although it lasts a long time, bottled water does eventually expire, so make sure it’s in date.

6: Warm Clothing

A warm and jacket is important to have on hand if the weather catches you by surprise, or if you have to wait for assistance outside of your car at night. Make sure it’s also waterproof.

7: Candle and Matches

In cold weather with no heating, you might be surprised how much warmer a simple candle can make the inside of the car. Place it in a safe, fireproof container such as a tin can.

8: Energy Bars

If you break down and are stuck without food, an energy bar can give you a much-needed boost and keep you going.

9: Reflective Triangle

A vital item to ensure passing drivers can see you if you’re stranded at the side of the road without hazard lights. You can buy folding ones that take up very little space.

10: Multi-Tool

Investing in a good-quality multi-tool can safe space in the car while still giving you a range of useful functions for repairs.