Keeping Cool In Your Car This Summer

The heat of the summer can make driving an uncomfortable experience. If you don’t enjoy the intense heat, especially when you get into your car that has been parked in the sun for many hours, you may find the following tips regarding staying cool in the car useful:

Keeping the car cool before driving

When your car is not in use, leave some blankets on the seats. These will shield the seats from exposure to direct sunlight. An alternative to blankets is using the sunshade. You can find sunshades that are made of aluminium foil and are designed for the back seat and front seat windows. Parking the car in the shade is also highly recommended whenever possible. 

Keep your belongings out of the sun

Tapes, sunglasses, water bottles, or any other items in your car must be kept away from direct sunlight. Try storing these underneath the seat and make sure you cover them with a blanket. Alternatively, you may conceal your belongings in the boot of your car. 

Park in a garage or carport when possible

If your home has a garage or carport, even if it is warm inside the garage, it will still be beneficial to park the vehicle away from direct sunlight. 

Keeping the car cool whilst driving

To combat the sun whilst driving, try and install tinted glass as this allows light to pass through without heating the windows. Some tinted windows allow up to 70 percent light to pass through the window depending on how dark the tint is. 


Be sure to keep coolant in the car

Antifreeze or coolant will keep the engine cool and prevent it from reaching a high boiling point. In case of long-distance road trips, it is best to keep an extra bottle of antifreeze in the boot of your car. 

Use window visor

Many car owners swear by the effectiveness of window shades to keep the vehicle cool in the surging temperatures. Every time you exit your car for longer than half an hour, put up a window visor to keep the interior cool. 


Buy a solar-powered fan for inside the car

When you are going on a road trip with your family, why not opt for a solar-powered fan to keep the inside of your car cool and pleasant. Even in the hottest summer days, these fans will extract hot air from your car by constantly circulating the air to decrease the overall temperature. This will make your driving experience in the summer months a highly enjoyable one.