Citroen’s Wackiest Creations

The French are no strangers to crazy cars, and Citroen has often been at the forefront of bizarre motors. From classics from the golden age of motoring up to 21st-century wonders of modern technology, there are plenty of Citroen models that top the list of weirdest vehicles of all time!


The Citroen DS

Created in 1955, the DS was the height of revolutionary engineering when it was first designed. Abandoning the traditional suspension method of springs and gas-filled shock absorbers, this stylish new vehicle adopted a combination of pneumatics and hydraulics for a super-smooth ride that was even likened to travelling on a magic carpet! An added bonus of this was that the height of the car was actually adjustable and it could level itself automatically to adapt to any road type for maximum comfort when travelling.

The DS is most famous for its role in saving the life of President Charles de Gaulle in 1962. When assassins fired on his car, causing all four tyres to burst simultaneously, the car’s innovative suspension allowed it to automatically adapt and retreat at high speed, evading his assailants.

The DS became a true French hero and was celebrated throughout the rest of de Gaulle’s presidency.


Citroen 2CV Safari

The 2CV is possibly the most iconic French made a car of all time, designed to give the average French worker access to motoring, however, the Safari model is especially unique thanks to its unusual twin engine set up. Marketed as a four-wheel drive, it used one engine under the bonnet and another in the rear. It also featured a significantly dangerously positioned fuel tank, which was located under the front seats with the fuel cap protruding through the driver’s door!


Citroen C4 Cactus 

The C4 Cactus is like a concept car that has been brought into mainstream production and sale. Using the most up-to-date safety technology, its outer shell is effectively bubble wrapped, featuring “airbumps” that are made from durable plastic with embedded air pads, protecting the car and its passengers from damage from bumps and scrapes. These panels are also available in eye-catching colours to ensure the vehicle stands out from the crowd. Thanks to modern technology, it is also super-light, making it extremely efficient to drive.