7 Reasons to Work for Yourself

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet, give your notice in at work, and go self-employed. Or maybe you’ve graduated college, or even dropped out because working for yourself is all you want to do. Here are 7 reasons why it could be the best decision you’ve ever made. You’re your own Boss:

Whether you have decided to become a self-employed bricklayer, open a small cafe or tea-room, or become an internet entrepreneur, you are the boss. You rise or fall by your own decisions. For most self-employed people, no matter what their field, it’s this that drives them forward.


Flexible Hours:

Yes, you can start work whenever you like. But, be warned, flexible doesn’t equate to short, or a few hours a day. Unless you have a product everyone wants, and no one else sells, you’ll be putting in longer hours than your ex-work colleagues, at least in the early days.


Reach for the Moon:

Many people start working for themselves part-time. They want to make a bit of pin money or supplement a not-very-well-paid job. Others will say they just want to earn X amount per week. Unfortunately, for the true entrepreneur, that time never comes. Seeing their business grow, increasing turnover, building a reputation, is where the buzz is. Reaching for the stars is the only way to go.


Broaden your Expertise:

Whether from home or on the internet, as your own boss you get to broaden your areas of expertise. You’re going to need to wear a variety of different hats. Become your own accounts manager. Stock control and purchase manager, and deal with all your advertising requirements. When you’re behind the driving wheel, you’ve got to do the driving.


Job Satisfaction:

There is nothing more satisfying when self-employed than watching your business grow. Of course, if it’s not, then putting the problem right, changing things around to get it heading in the right direction, can be equally rewarding.


Nothing Succeeds like Success:

Getting your business to the point where it makes its first pound is a success. You’re on the right road, success breeds success, and you’re heading toward your next pound and more success. No doubt there will be down times, getting over them, and back on track means more success and an increased feeling of achievement.

Tax Incentives:

Once established as your own boss, you are financially independent. Being able to work the hours you wish to earn the amount you wish. You can sub-contract work out, taking a percentage of the fee, while you are completing other work. On top of that, as a self-employed person, there are a variety of tax allowances to which you are entitled. Make the most of them.

Before taking the plunge, do your homework, and give yourself the best possible chance to succeed. Nobody said it would be easy, but it can be very, very, rewarding.