7 Car Essentials You’ll Need This Summer

In the winter everyone remembers their coat and ice scraper, but there are some important essentials that you’ll also need to have in the summer. Below is a list of the top 7 items that will ensure a happy family when the hot weather arrives;

1. Sun cream

This deserves to be the first place on the list. Getting caught in the rain is annoying at worst, but sunburn has far more serious implications. By having a tube in the car at all times, you can be sure to protect your skin from any harmful rays.

2. Snacks 

Keeping some handy snacks i.e. crisps and juice in the car at all times will mean that as well as staying hydrated, you can quell the children’s hunger cravings until you reach the local pub for some lunch. 

3. Car Entertainment

A colouring book and some pencils will stop the incessant nagging from the children of, ‘are we there yet?’. Happy children mean a relaxed mum and dad, so this is a big must have!


4. Outdoor game

You’ve reached your destination and set up the picnic, so why not pull out the Frisbee, or set of swing ball to entertain everyone?


5. A change of clothes (including a sweatshirt)

Whilst we can grow accustomed to the good weather and live in shorts an t-shirts during the summer, it is known to change very quickly and catch us out. Keeping a sweatshirt handy will mean that you can stay warm and continue to enjoy your day.

6. Change of clothes

Keeping a whole change of clothes handy ensures that when the children decided to dive, fully clothed into the river to cool off, they won’t have to go home shivering in the backseat.


7. Water Water Water

Stay hydrated, always have some bottled water handy. You don’t want a lovely day in the sun to turn into a hospital trip for sunstroke.

Sticking with these basics will make your family day trip pleasant and free of nasty surprises; these items van all fit in a single bag that you can put to one side in your boot. Just don’t forget to replace whatever you use straight away to avoid being caught out!