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3 Ways to Look After Your Van Tyres This Winter


Whether you love it or hate it, winter is here, and as per usual it’s likely to bring rain, snow and ice. Challenging driving conditions mean that it’s more important than ever to keep your tyres in good condition. Apart from regularly checking the depth of the tyre tread, what else do you need to do to look after your van tyres?


1.Check Your Tyre Pressure

Keeping your van’s tyres inflated to the correct pressure is vital for several reasons:

When your tyres are under-inflated, your van will not handle as well, so putting yourself and other road users at risk. If they are over-inflated, they may overheat and will be at increased risk of failing.

The Environment
The second reason to keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure is to protect the environment. If the tyres are under-inflated, your van’s fuel efficiency will be lower, and its CO2 emissions will be higher.

Save yourself some money
Vans with under-inflated tyres have increased rolling resistance and so use more fuel than they need to. Over-inflated tyres are at greater risk of damage and are likely to need replacing more often.


2.Check for Damage

Some common reasons for cuts and tears on your tyres include impact between the tyre and the kerb or driving over potholes or other irregularities on the road surface. If you spot any damage, get your tyre checked as soon as possible as the tyre will be at increased risk of failing. Kerbing can also cause wheels to get out of alignment and lead to further uneven wear on the tyres. Heavy emergency braking can also result in “flat spots” on the tyre, so if you have had to brake sharply, get your tyres checked soon.


3.Your tyres are your responsibility

New regulations including the Duty of Care and Corporate and Social Responsibility place responsibility squarely on the driver of the vehicle for checking that it is maintained in a safe condition. Keep yourself and other road users as safe as possible this winter by making fortnightly tyre inspections part of your regular van maintenance.

10 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Van

Van drive

As the saying goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Even when travelling for short distances, it is important that you keep these essentials in your van to help you better handle emergencies.

Spare Oil

This is important even if your van runs perfectly well. More so if it is a new one that requires only a specific type of oil.

Cell Phone Charger

While there are some vehicles that have inbuilt phone charging capability, many don’t. If your van doesn’t have such features, carrying a charger will help keep your phone on in case of a breakdown.


This can be very handy especially when you get a van breakdown at night. Even during the day, looking under the vehicle can be difficult without enough light. A flashlight solves that.

Flat Tire Fixer

Some new vans lack space for spare tires. If you have such a van, carrying a sealant for tire sealing and inflation will help you to keep driving.

Food and Water

When travelling, keep some food and water so that if you get a breakdown in difficult circumstances where help might take a lot of time to arrive, you will have something to keep you going.

First-Aid Kit

A basic first-aid kit will help you better handle injuries resulting from accidents. A good kit might include bandages, pain reliever and antibacterial ointment.

GPS and Map

Some vans have in-built navigation system. If your van doesn’t have one, have a map and portable GPS for emergency purposes.

Reflective Triangle

This will help prevent getting hit on the road when you get a breakdown at night. A reflective triangle will enable other road users identify your van before they reach you.

Jumper Cables

These are important for jump-starting your van when the battery dies while on the road.

Ice scraper

If it is in winter, having an ice scraper will help in clearing of the windows and windscreen.