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Guy Martin’s Volvo – The Fastest Car In Britain?


Move over Bugatti and step aside Ferrari. There is a new machine vying for the fastest car distinction, and its a forty year old Volvo.

TV presenter and racer Guy Martin has made the claim that his estate car could be considered the fastest vehicle on the roads in Britain. Martin had the car, which he bought in 2012, specially adapted by Swedish super car engineers to include a 2.8 litre turbo charged engine and a six-speed gear box to create 788 brake horsepower. The Volvo also had its interior completely redesigned to Guy’s specifications to create a car he describes as ‘perfect’ in a column for the Sunday Times.

‘I reckon it is about the fastest car in Britain – quicker than any Ferrari, Porsche or even Bugatti.’ he said

‘My GSXR Suzuki superbike is about 220bhp and probably a bit quicker to 100mph, but if you put them on the road together the Volvo would leave it for dust between 100mph and 200mph. The truth is, this is the quickest machine I have ever driven or ridden’ he added.

While the claim may not be completely accurate worldwide, Martin’s suped-up family car may well hold the crown, at least in England. Some super cars have a higher top speed than the 205 mph which the Volvo can reach, but it is uncertain if they are currently in the UK. Bugatti’s Veyron has an official maximum speed of 268mph and although one was sold in London recently, it is unknown if the super car is within Britain. The world’s fastest car is currently the Hennessy Venom GT with a record 270mph in America, leaving the possibility that the Swedish car, picked up by Guy for £70,000, may well be the king of UK roads.

Martin has claimed that he has only one other car, a Ford Transit van which he uses for everyday use, reserving the Volvo for special occasions. It is easy to see why, with an engine that would leave super cars trailing.

‘My God, it is frightening. You have to keep it pointing in a straight line’ he said